Tere tulemast!

Marmot, together with ESN Tallinn organizes good quality trips to exchange and international students in Tallinn and the whole Estonia. To fulfil the dreams and wishes of our students, we give you professional trips to St. Petersburg (Russia) and to Lapland (North of Finland).

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With our trips, you will get all the must-do and must-see activities. Come and have a great experience with your friends!

Around Estonia

The trip around Estonia is 3 days long (Friday to Sunday). It is a bus trip passing by many cities and places of Estonia. Tere tulemast Eestisse!


The trip to St. Petersburg is 4 days long in a cozy city-center hostel and different cultural and special activities guided by professional local guides just for you and your friends.


The trip to Lapland is 5 days long, including 2 nights in the bus with all its charms to drive over the Arctic Circle, and 2 nights in a cozy accommodation with several snowy and extreme activities organized just for you and your friends.

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